Avoiding common home selling pitfalls

1slr81z1j0zs2_9T-webFor those looking to sell a home, there are a number of different concerns to deal with. In addition to these worries, there are a number of potential mistakes sellers may make.

Letting emotions get in the way
One of the biggest mistakes a seller can make, according to Investopedia, is allowing their emotions to interfere with the home selling process. A seller’s home is likely to be the source of a number of memories, which could make the decision to actually sell very difficult.
Investopedia also adds that home buyers are likely to be highly invested in the home shopping process, since they are also making a significant lifestyle decision. Home sellers should take this factor into account as well, understanding that home buyers could also be emotional about purchasing their home.
Leaving the home in poor shape
Another mistake some home sellers make is failing to make their house look appealing to home buyers and leaving its flaws in plain view. It may be a good idea to have a real estate agent go through the home first, and specifically point out any issues.
But, at the same time, Investopedia adds home sellers also shouldn’t try to quickly cover up any problems, since the home buyer will likely have a home inspection before closing on the deal. If the inspector later uncovers problems, the home buyer may want to lower their offer or drop out of the deal altogether.
It may even be a good idea for sellers to find a listing for a nearby open house to get an idea what other sellers are currently doing to market their homes. After all, those other sellers are now the competition.

courtesy of coldwellbanker.com

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