The Way Home

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By car. By boat. By foot. Everyone has their way of getting home. You take it every time you go out. Your car knows it without even thinking about it. A child who can’t read, write or spell can identify the path. It’s the way home.

Your commute might be painful. It was a long day at work, school or both. You have zoned out and simply rely on muscle memory to guide you, but subconsciously you get that feeling as you inch along the road. It’s the feeling that you’re almost home.

That vacation you looked forward to for so long has passed and you wonder how you could feel more tired than before you left. Your body is telling you what your mind already knows. You want to be on that way home.

The train tracks, the giant rock, the sleepy downtown or that church on the corner are the markers your heart and mind craves. You don’t need a robotic female voice to signal your next turn. These monuments of familiarity are beckoning you back home.

While talk radio or a carefully crafted playlist may escort you, the path itself seems to be the welcome mat for your soul. It sings a tune I know by heart though it has no words nor melody. The road though familiar never seems to get old.

I’m on my way home.


What are the things that signal to you that you’re on your way home? Share your favorite markers of your road home with us in the comments or on Twitter at @TammyandTerry .



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