Keeping Healthy for Thanksgiving

turkeyWith all the wonderful rich food that the holidays bring us face to face with I found this to be some really great tips to keep it healthy even during the holidays!

The average person consumes up to 3,000 Calories on Thanksgiving Day. Yikes! Now that you know the damage, try a few simple tricks to lighten your fork load!

  •  When it comes to TURKEY. Don’t wing it. This part of the bird has nearly twice the amount of saturated fat as the breast meat.
  •  VEGGIES deserve more love on Turkey Day. Pile greens on your plate first, so you have less room for other stuff. Adding a variety of vegetables will offer more Lean and Green friendly options.
  •  Saute GREEN BEANS in a bit of olive oil, not a glob of butter, to keep them light. Unlike boiling, sautéing stops their nutrients from leaking out.  For an extra zing bake with light Cream of Chicken Soup & White Chedder Soy Crisps!
  •  MASHED POTATOES are easy to over eat. No cutting, no chewing, no stopping! Beware of portions and to stay lean & green friendly try out CAULIFLOWER MASHED POTATOES! Certain stores offer purple or orange cauliflower if you are feeling festive.
  •  SKIP DESSERT or find a healthy dessert recipe replacement – Pecan, Apple & Pumpkin are popular Thanksgiving Day Desserts that add extra unwanted calories, fat and sugar on this day. There are many healthy dessert options out there, help yourself and family out by providing one of these choices along side the traditional options.
  •  Keep active with family and friends! Play outdoors, initiate video games that make you move around and involve everyone. Avoid that stuck on the couch feeling a food coma .  You don’t want an over eaten feeling of regret. More importantly ENJOY THE DAY, DON’T DREAD IT!

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