From a House to a Home

welcome-homeOnce upon a time in a land not so far away .. there was a house who always dreamed of becoming a home.

It sat there centered perfectly on its lot, landscaping strategically placed so it wouldn’t look so bare…
It had hopes that someone would notice, that someone would care.

There was a driveway, paved all in stone
A walk lined with a floral flare that led to a mat at the door with a greeting… “Welcome Home”

The entry wasn’t too small nor too grand
It simply left a statement that whispered softly, “Welcome home my friend”

Granite counter tops and appliances all done in steel
Gave the kitchen a really nice look and feel

A fireplace each, warmed the living room, den and master suite
Freshly laid carpet made the floors soft and comfy beneath your feet

Walk-in closets and storage galore
This house had everything you could think of and a little bit more

There was but one thing missing to make this dream a reality
So it got itself listed by by a top notch realty

A family was all it needed to make this place a home, no longer a house
Come take a look, its easy you see..  by a simple click of the mouse!

Ready to find a place to call home?

Stop by, give us a call, friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter..
When it comes to your real estates needs… We’re here for YOU!

Blessings from all of us at
Coleman Real Estate Group
Your Dream Home Could Be Just A Click Away!

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