Home Showing Dos and Don’ts


windowAlong with their ability to afford it, home buyers’ personal impressions of a home are likely to play a large part in determining whether they pursue negotiations for it. Home sellers should make every effort to give buyers a great first impression of their home.
Clearing the household
One common difficulty is that sellers often want to be there when buyers are walking through their home. This makes a certain amount of sense, but many experts agree it is better for the current homeowners to be absent. That can make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there, and the alternative may lead to feelings of pressure, unease and awkwardness. Having the current homeowners present can cause an unpleasant atmosphere, coloring potential buyers’ opinions due to the perception they are being watched and preventing them from discussing the home honestly while there.
Another factor home sellers may forget about is pets. While fish or other animals inside an enclosed container are unlikely to pose difficulties, prospective buyers may not appreciate being greeted or followed by a dog or cat. Some may even be allergic or dislike the pet. While this has nothing to do with the home directly, it can still affect their memories of the walk-through experience.
Presenting a home at its best
The little things can frequently have a significant impact on how a home is
perceived, so homeowners looking to sell should make an effort to ensure that the home is clean and tidy. It should look like someone lives there, but taking out the trash, removing clutter, ensuring there are no dirty dishes and taking similar steps is advisable.
If there are pest concerns surrounding a home, they should be resolved before it is visited whenever possible. Prospective buyers who see or hear pests are likely to draw the worst conclusions and leave, even if the problem is only a brief blot on an otherwise solid record.
Specific rooms and areas of the home may come with their own concerns, as well. Bathrooms and kitchens commonly attract dirt, and should generally be a focus of cleaning efforts. Damp or wet basements may cause prospective buyers to fear mold, leaking that weakens the foundation, flooding and other problems.
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