Fall Home Selling Tips

1. Give your home a cozy smell.

Fall brings back childhood memories of hayrides and Thanksgiving dinners for many, maximize your place’s “homey” feeling this time of year with the scents of Fall.

IMG_25402. Rake up the leaves.

You don’t have to remove every single leaf as soon as it falls in your home’s yard, but you have to keep the property’s exterior looking tidy and well-maintained. A few colorful leaves here and there are perfectly fine.

3. Use seasonal plants and decorations.

Homes in most parts of the country lack the blooming flowers and grass that make their yards look particularly nice during warmer months. Here in Tennessee you can plant a wide variety of season plants to add color and interest to the exterior of your home. You can also give a property’s exterior an attractive “harvest” feel by adding fall-themed decorations such as a decorative wreath on the front door welcoming new home owners to be.

4. Maximize lighting.

Shorter days and less-intense sunlight make good interior lighting more important than ever when showing a home during the fall. Open all blinds and turn on all lights when you know a potential buyer plans to stop by — even if you’re leaving for work and the showing won’t happen for hours.

5. Provide warm-weather photos.

The beautiful grass and garden your home has in the spring might be long gone by the fall, but you still want would-be buyers to know it exists. So make sure, if you know you are going to be listing your home in the fall to take photos while the grass is still green and plants are in bloom.

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